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20 Oct 2017

Riomhthionscadal cónaithe Gaeilge / Irish language residential e-project (Ó 2009 i leith) 🏠

Near FM, 16/08/09 


Giotán cainte / Soundbite Near FM 



Raidió na Life 8/11/17

Giotán cainte / Soundbite Raidió na Life 


Near FM, 16/4/19

Raidió na Life, 2/4/19

Ainmneacha Gaeilge ar cheantair chónaithe i mBaile Átha Cliath / Irish language names for residential areas in Dublin 

(Ó 2017 i leith)


Ainmneacha Gaeilge ar cheantair chónaithe i nDún na nGall / Tír Chonaill / Irish language names for residential areas in Donegal  

(Ó 2018 i leith)

Seinnliosta Youtube / Youtube Playlist

(Ó 2009 i leith)

Ainmneacha Gaeilge- contaetha eile / Irish names- other counties*


Ó mhí Aibreáin / From April 2018.

This Facebook folder is for residential areas I have come across since I last uploaded my county presentations on Slideshare in 2017. I have individual folders for this e-project on Facebook for the following counties- Dublin, Westmeath, Roscommon, Galway, Cork, Donegal and Kerry- and residential areas in those counties are not included in this Facebook mix folder. A lot of the "Irish names- other counties" jpegs are also included on Youtube presentations I created in late 2018/early 2019 which can be viewed on my Youtube playlist for my e-project. You have to have an account with Facebook to look at the last "Other counties" link.

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