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15 Jan 2017

The "Law of Attraction" Advocates

I have been thinking a lot over the last while about the "Law of Attraction" advocates- namely Bob Proctor (I have a few quotes of his on this blog) and Esther "Abraham" Hicks (who I wrote about recently)- there is also Rhonda Byrne writer of "The Secret" book (most of which I haven't read and I don't follow her work in general)- and there are others. There is indeed a whole industry pushing this "Law of Attraction" line.

As I said in my recent post about Esther "Abraham" Hicks this kind of stuff is more about creativity and fantasy for me. I find a lot, maybe even most, of the quotes of Bob Proctor and Esther Hicks inspiring.

As I also said in that post I can't believe most of the exercises they have- what people spend their hard earned money on to try to learn in their workshops and retreats.

They advocate basically that if or whenever you have a "negative" thought- just think a "positive" thought. It seems to be according to them- and I am saying this with having read a lot of their work- that we should never feel negative emotions. As an add-on to feeling positive all the time or most of the time they further say that then "we will get what we really want".

I am left thinking: well how then are societal and political and other problems to be overcome? Benjamin Franklin once famously said "Those things that hurt instruct". If we all went along with the views of the "Law of Attraction" advocates problems would never be solved. We wouldn't see them never mind solve them- or when we see them we would merely "think a positive thought" and not try to overcome the problem.

The "Law of Attraction" advocates basically promote a mad individualism that I believe is not realistic.

They also either ignore or deny (as do it seems to me all of the "new age" advocates and writers including people whose work I kind of like like Neale Donald Walsch and Gary Zukav) the reality (as I believe there to be) of human evil. I am not even talking about a supposed "demonic evil", which I am inclined to believe exists but don't spend much time thinking about as as M. Scott Peck said in two of his books is "very rare" in the population and I for one think overcoming the problem of human evil is much more pressing.

I kind of wish it wasn't so but I believe the Christian teaching's are the most realistic spiritual teachings in the world.

M. Scott Peck also noted in one of his books that (words to the effect) most Christians don't talk about the "good side" of spirituality enough and Eastern religions like Buddhism don't acknowledge or talk about the bad and evil side of spirituality enough.

I advocate learning as much about spirituality as possible, including the some good there is in teachings by Esther Hicks and Bob Proctor, but I suggest caution before spending a lot of money on going to one of their workshops or retreats.

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